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We Ship Nationwide! Free Quote SIMPLIFYING COMPLEX FRAMING Di-gi-Con-Soo /ˈdi-jə-'kən-ˈsü/ n : Affordable Complex  prefabricated residential and light commercial framing components.
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Pre-Fabricated Architectural Details

DigiConSoo is custom architectural construction simplified. We use CNC and digital fabrication technologies to turn your napkin idea, blueprint or 3D model into pre-fabricated assemblies and architectural componets.

Our interior and exterior pre-fabricated architectural details make a house a home and your business a place of distinction. We manufacture pre-fabricated architectural details, such as:

• Eyebrow Dormers

• Door canopies

• Curved roof components

• Bay window roofs and box window roofs

• Barrel vaults and groin vaults

• Range hoods

• Arches and elliptical arches

• Turrets

• Domes and elliptical domes

• Coves

Custom Manufactured Design Elements

Before the computer age, architectural design elements like curved walls, eyebrow dormers, vaulted ceilings and domes were time consuming and expensive to construct. They required the most skilled and expensive architects, contractors and carpenters because of complex math and time-consuming procedures like jig sawing each complex part. DigiConSoo saves you precious time and money by eliminating human error and labor.

Economic, Tough Construction

Our precision cutting and engineering process is similar to that of torsion box and airplane wing engineering. This results in a lighter assembly and a higher strength to weight ratio. It enables us to use less material to build a super-strong structure that will stand the test of time. We use completely engineered material, composed of fast growing materials that reduce our environmental footprint. It also allows for greater insulation with less thermal break area.

Precision Manufacturing

We can ship 3D models, completed assemblies, subassemblies, and individual parts straight to  your jobsite.  Our products are manufactured on state of the art CNC equipment with tolerances within thousandths of an inch and are shipped complete with assembly drawings that are easy for general contractors and carpenters to follow.